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1960 FC-150 Wilder Vt eBay

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UPDATE:  This is back on eBay

(03/16/2010) Here’s a nice looking build with an engine and tranny update.  It still needs some interior work.

“Rare find, 1959 Jeep FC-150.  This is a stock appearing FC-150 that has the following modifications/improvements:
1. Chassis has been sandblasted and painted with POR15.

2. First engine was the wimpy 4 cylinder and I then changed it to a V6 Dauntless from a 1967 Jeepster after resealing and rebuilding all rotating components. Engine is fitted with headers and dual exhaust.

3. Transmission was changed from the 3 speed to a Turbo 400 automatic.  There is no evidence inside the cab that it is an automatic.  The shifter is the original and the pedals are all the same.  The Brake and the Clutch pedal have been joined.

4.  There is a new wiring harness and new instruments installed in crinkle finish dash.  The interior is without headliner cardboard and doors do not have cardboard panels installed.

5.  New windshield and rear glass, one door has new glass.

6.  All NEW springs, not rebuilt. New Shocks, new Brakes.  Front axle has disc brakes.

7.  Body has NEW cab corners, NEW floors.  The cab was plastic bead paint removed and spray weld to treat any traces of rust.  There are no bondo patches anywhere.

No stories, I have had it long enough and I dislike interior work so I never finished the interior.  It is quite powerful and runs like a bear.  I have never had it off road in 10 years.  My Son needs a car and my wife insists on airbags.  I have over $15k in this at this point but it is time for it to go. There is no title as Vermont does not title vehicles over 15 years old.  Sold on a bill of sale.”

View all the pics on eBay

Here’s a before pic:

Here’s the after pics and an in progress pic:


11 Comments on “1960 FC-150 Wilder Vt eBay

  1. Mitch

    more common and less desireable narrow track FC.Not sure the year 59 is correct as I believe that should be wide track..

  2. deilers

    I didn’t know there was a narrow track and a wide track FC. How big was the different? Was it a wider frame and axles?

    – Dave

  3. Mitch

    The narrow vs wide track was to keep the tipping to a minimum…lol…

    Basically, In 58 I think, they outboarded the springs front and rear for stability and put the wider running gear under them…I’m not sure of the diff in inches… but the narrow tracks used a dana 25 front and 44 rear from the CJ’s of the era…. The wide tracks used a 44 front and rear that were a couple inches wider… This only applies to the 150’s…all 170’s were “wide track”

  4. deilers

    Given those changes, I think that running gear would have been a great swap into a flattie assuming someone planned to outboard the back springs. Not that I recommending it, because I suspect there aren’t too many stock FC axle housings left, but just saying it would have saved me time on both my projects!

    – D

  5. Mitch

    Funny you should mention that….. Somewhere on here is a flattie (OD I think) from I think Ellensburg that I believe has a full widetrack FC frame under it… It could be the same one that sold last year and was blue because it too had an FC frame under it…

  6. deilers

    Ah yes. I can see the clues on the Ellensburg jeep … 538 gears, 19 spline, the front mounts. I’ll make note of that in the post itself.

    The funny thing was, on my way home last night I was thinking about what I said and suddenly remembered that the FC would only have had the 19 spline axles, so I would have traded them out anyway!

  7. Mitch

    Ran 19 spline floaters for years and only once twisted the splines off in the carrier….the very tip because of the powerlock design… ARB’d it with 19 splines and ran it that way for along time too with V8 power the whole time… You can do better but they aren’t a break waiting to happen…

  8. deilers

    That’s a good point. Dad ran 19 splines in his jeep and never had an axle problem that I knew of ….

  9. Dennis

    Dave a little FC-150 triva for you. The FC was produced from ’57 to ’64, Narrow track was ’57 to ’58, (48″ tread width) ’59 to ’64 was the wide track ( 57″ track) both have an 88″ wheel base. Also in ’59 they changed the cooling tunnel “Improved” it is flat all the way to the front of the cab, the early models stepped down about 6″ a foot in front of the dog house.
    What this guy has listed by the pictures and VIN number is a ’57, so I hope his buyer knows that.

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