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1951 Navy CJ-3A Denver, Co eBay

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The first version, which is the one for sale on ebay, was built by Willys Overland for the Navy without many changes from a stock CJ-3A.  The biggest clue I can see is the inclusion of a Navy dataplate on the dash.  You can see the 1951 versions of that plate below:

From the g503 website:

And from this eBay auction (note how close the navy serial numbers of these two jeeps are — 3855 (top) vs. 3874 (bottom)). The willys-overland serial numbers are 18501 vs 18741:


This version of the Navy Jeep was modified by Szekely and includes a plate that states that fact.  Szekely also created the 3 wheeled M-38 APU. Here’s an example of the name plate for the CJ-3A from the G503 site (see the related discussion and many more pics).  A similar thread can be seen at the CJ-3A Board.

Information from the Navy CJ-3A Ad: “This jeep needs a restoration. The frame is in nice shape and not cut on. the body has some  rust but nothing like those east coast vehicles (Colorado vehicle) there is a skin coat of bondo on the outside and it looks like it had a nice paint job done to it which is now faded. I really don’t know whats under the bondo but looking from underneath and behind it does not look like it was used to cover any major rust more like a skin coat to get the body straight. The front floors are good as is the cowl and the tool box, hood and grill are good, windshield frame is solid. The rear floor has plywood on it but I see no holes from underneath. Rear taillight area needs a some rust repair. as do some body brackets.  The engine will need a rebuild, (last owner said he was driving it in his drive and it locked up. the radiator and carb is missing and there are no top bows although I do have the door frames. most everything else looks to be intact.  There is undercoating from the factory. This is dry and easy to peel off and you can see the original Navy Gray paint. It probably had hood numbers but I have not stripped the paint to find out.  The cowl tag and the Navy tag have the same numbers and the engine looks to be close enough to be original (early CJ’s don’t have matching serial number engines) and the casting numbers are correct.(#641087)”


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    Hi Dave

    As I have time on my hands (lost my job last week, company liquidated) I am reading all the threads on your great site.

    But the above has confused me. The jeep that is above for the ebay add, is this ones # 18741 or 3874 vs 3855. This may be a daft question but I am really mixed up here.

    As you said, ‘peeling an onion….’how true. I never knew the info you posted here and on the links, I have seen the yellow 3 wheel and wondered why and where. But now it becomes clear, thanks for the great site.


  4. mmdeilers Post author

    I’m sorry to hear you have so much time on your hands! I hope that you find something else soon.

    I will have to investigate the numbers later tonight. We are doing some sight seeing today.

    – Dave

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Marc — a little late, but I’ve cleaned this post up a bit. The Navy had one set of serial numbers (3855 & 3874) and Willys had another (18501 vs 18741).

    = Dave

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