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8000lb Warn Winch Reno, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $175.

“This is a older vintage warn winch 8000lb Model #5721. Very fast line speed, bulletproof construction and reliable. Comes with 100+ ft of cable, solenoid and rare in cab controls. Power in and free spool out. Everything is there and works great. $175.00 call”


2 Comments on “8000lb Warn Winch Reno, NV **SOLD**

  1. Brian's 58 3b

    I still run this winch on my Cj7. I rebuilt the brake strap by using materials from McMaster-Carr. I thought the motor went bad. Then found an insulated thrush washer had worn thin and the arbor had moved .05 over and grounded out on the case. Three years ago I had to pull my Cj7 side ways in a mud hole what a work horse. To fine one with the control cables should be declared a gem nice find for an old style build

  2. Mitch

    Good price too….I have a friend who used to run this type of winch….it would outpull my older 8274 every which way….Only bummer is the lack of “power out” and the control cable setup is kinda a pain to work with sometimes…. But a heck of a puller for sure!

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