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Dana 20 Overdrive Solution from the website


This one falls into the “I didn’t know they made an adapter for that” department.  I was doing some research into whether there was an overdrive solution (besides the Sierra OD attempt) for the Dana 20, which I thought there wasn’t, when I came across this thread from the early website.  It turns out, someone made an adapter that allowed the Dana 20 to attach to a BW overdrive, though I suspect such a combo would only work in a long wheel base vehicle (these adapters are also occasionally on ebay as well).  Here’s a pic from the thread.

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2 Comments on “Dana 20 Overdrive Solution from the website

  1. Mitch

    Yeah….no way would there enough room in a CJ5 for that combo….I think that would only work in 2wd too? That setup is as long as the t-case driveline combo in my sisters 75…. You might have room for a single u-joint between the OD and the rear end….

  2. Steve E.

    …and such a combo would only work in 2wd. The operator would have to remember that. Thanks for sharing the photo. I’ve only seen this setup on a Spicer 18 Trans. Case.

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