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Hemmings Blog references eWillys


I have to say, it’s been a good, but busy couple of days.  Tuesday, I finally developed a business card design I liked and found a way to easily print some good quality versions.   Yesterday, I received an email I’ve been waiting to get for about a decade regarding some family photos that go back more than 5 generations.  Today, Hemmings thoughtfully referenced eWillys as they covered my ‘explosive expose’ on Wally Cohn, King of Jeeps.  And, tomorrow, maybe I win the lottery?


3 Comments on “Hemmings Blog references eWillys

  1. Wes Kibble

    Nice! Good to see that some of your hard work is getting recognized. It is a great feeling when the “big boys” like Hemmings mention you, isn’t it?

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