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A Beautiful Day for a Sunday Drive


After fixing the sprinklers and getting the lawn ready for summer, I decided it was too nice of a day to waste any more it, so I pulled out my trusty Idaho map and searched for a local drive I hadn’t tried yet.

Sure enough, there was a dirt road about 15 minutes north of me that meandered upwards 12 miles into the mountains until it reached Spring Valley Summit (4500′) on Highway 55 between the Treasure Valley and Horseshoe Bend.

It was perfect, as I live just off Hwy 55, so I could roar down the highway following my exploration into the ‘unknown’ and test out my new timing specs (I just readjusted the distributor to 13 degrees). With new jets and the timing dialed correctly, it seems to be running very well.

Along the way, I snapped a couple pics for your viewing pleasure.  In this first pic, I’m near the beginning of the drive.  That’s Squaw Butte in the background, which I’ve only climbed halfway so far (prior to having the jeep).

There were a number of mines along the drive.  Why someone parked a car onto of the entrance is beyond me … Maybe it’s called the Rusty Auto Mine?


8 Comments on “A Beautiful Day for a Sunday Drive

  1. Stephen Lee Adams

    Hey, it is a Nash! I really love your blog and your travels. Hope all is well up your way. I’ll forward some more funds your way shortly again to help keep those wheels of e-willys moving freely. Thanks for sharing, S.

  2. Mitch

    You gonna put a tailgate on that thing someday??…. lol….. Looks good.. Must be nice to be at the point where you’re almost done working the little bugs out of it!

  3. deilers

    Yes, a tailgate is in the plans. I’ll be fiberglassing something together, but I need to get back to Seattle to pick up the heavy weave from a place downtown. I really liked working with the heavy weave fiber I purchased there. I need to get enough so I can redo the inside of the front fender ‘bumps’ (the area that curves around the headers); I made the bumps too big.

    Currently, I’m thinking about put an indentation into the tailgate to give the rear some texture and then putting a name or something in the center. I still have to work out how I want it to connect to the body: It might slide in along the body edges or bolt to the body. I’m still working out those details.

    But, it’s no rush …

    Yes, it’s nice to almost finished. In fact, I feel so finished that I was seriously considering the purchase of a running, $1000 stock, solid CJ-3A that I just realized was a CJV-35. Oh the painl! It had everything .. the bezels, the hooks, the windshield, the hood .. It was gone within an hour of being listed. (

  4. Mitch

    Ouch…That sucks… Talk about a rarity…(I’m not helping am I, lol)….

    I’m sure the tailgate will turn out just as well as the rest of the jeep has… You pick up some Desert Dogs yet? I’d reccomend mounting them up on another set of wheels and using them for the dirt only if you can…they wear out really quickly on the pavement…

  5. deilers

    Nope, I haven’t gotten the desert dogs yet. I haven’t found a decent set at the right price, though I have a few worn spares that I wouldn’t trust for long runs.

    Yeah, Jim estimated they are only good for about 10,000 miles or so on the pavement. Though my set had two years of daily driving on them and they were holding up pretty good …

  6. Mitch

    Well…You can stop in and take a look at the ones I’ve got next time you’re up this way….I’m sure we can work something up….lol

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