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The Saugus EMV CJ-3A

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

Somewhere around 1950 the Emergency Management Folks in Saugus, Massachusetts, bought a CJ-3A as an all-around emergency vehicle.  As you can see by the emergency boat (being towed by the Jeep in the 2nd pic below), this isn’t a high budget operation, but then this town of 26,000 probably didn’t need much more (though they did invest in a DUKW in the late ’50s).

Sixty years later, Saugus still has the CJ-3A (at least it looks the same with minor additions).  Sporting the code name ‘Unit 41’, it seems this EMV handles emergency parades more than anything these days.

You can see more of the early Saugus EMVs here, including the original Seagrave Pumper from 1919.


3 Comments on “The Saugus EMV CJ-3A

  1. Roberto Flores

    Hi, Dave!

    What a cool info! I love the Willys jeep and the DUKW too!!! By the way, it seems the CJ3A had a different paint scheme during 50s in comparation with last pic. Am I wrong? Ah! Any chance to see more pics of this beauty?

    Many thanks!

  2. Roberto Flores

    Many thanks for the additional info! Wow! Another detail: “she” has a tow bar attached to the frontal bumper, as WW2 Willys jeeps or Korea M38s! Cool!

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