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Saturday at the Midwest Willys Reunion

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While it was cold and rainy, mixed with, gulp, a little snow here in Boise, weather improved out in Ohio for the Midwest Willys Reunion.  Both Bob and Brian snapped a variety of images and gave their own perspectives

Bob writes, “Much better weather today in the mid 70s. There looked to be about 100 Jeeps of all sorts today. There were lots of Cj2as and 3as, three CJ3Bs, and lots of truck and wagons. A whole lot to look at!  The little Jeep dispatcher [the red jeep a few pics down] was very cool and sold for around $5500. Also, there were lots of parts to be had. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 80s.”

Hey Bob, what is sticking out of the side of the yellow flattie? Is it an air cleaner?  Is the ‘windshield’ glass or plexiglass?

What’s the color on this flattie, red or orange or a blend?  I like the color.  Nice dually, too!

This is the DJ-3A that sold.  Are these DJ-3A windshields taller than a CJ-3B windshield?  Or were they simply re-purposed for the DJ-3A?

I’m assuming that is an aftermarket bumper?  I can’t say I’ve seen one of these on any jeeps for sale that I have seen.

Brian seemed to be captivated by the trucks and wagons during this visit.  He captured some great pics of Chad’s project (Chad received the Toledo Brick award, something the Reunion staff has been doing for several years now. It’s a brick from the old Jeep plant in Toledo.) and a pic of his favorite at the show, this wagon below (click on the pic to get a much larger pic).

Here’s images of Chad’s truck:

And 2 other wagons:


4 Comments on “Saturday at the Midwest Willys Reunion

  1. Bob

    Hey David. Those things on the side of the yellow flattie are non functional. It’s all fiberglass and yes. The windsheid is plexi. Also, that is the dispatcher that sold for $5500. It’s a stock 3b windsheild and some old guy told me that the later ones came that way. It makes for short amount of headroom.

  2. embreechristopher

    The brown cj5 that has the winch bumper, Looks like it came off of an FC series jeep. because I have seen many with the same design. If it is off of an FC then it was a bolt on because the FC was based off of a CJ5 frame.

  3. chad

    Just a correction….I didn’t get a Best of Show award. This is a ‘non-judging’ event. Just come hang out and soak up jeeps for a couple of days. Good folks, good times. The award I received was the Toledo Brick award, something the Reunion staff has been doing for several years now. It’s a brick from the old Jeep plant in Toledo. Had nothing to do with my project….although I did receive many nice compliments on it.

  4. deilers

    Thanks Chad .. I’ll correct that. Brian must have thought you deserved Best of Show 🙂

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