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1948 CJ-2A Brighton, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: A reader purchased this and reports about the purchase in the comments.

” 1948 Willys Jeep.  Runs Great – looks great – Selling because I need to make room in our garage  and I’m not using it. The only thing that needs some attention is to track
down what’s draining the battery and passenger side windsheild wiper.



2 Comments on “1948 CJ-2A Brighton, Co **SOLD**

  1. Sam Thomas

    I have purchased this jeep last week, great jeep, drove it home with no problems,found the electrical problem, bad light switch (brake switch) and now it’s happy. The wiper set is one the way. I don’t know why Mark hasn’t taken it off the market yet, I’ll call him and remind him……..Oh, by the way, I now have three of these with the arctic tops. 1946, 47, 48 with hard tops and a 42, 44, two 50’s and a 44 and 46 M38 Mash Ambulance. All are completely restored. What can I say……….I love em! Thanks for a great web site, I look every day for more great deals. Oh by the way, I’m in the business of restoring and repairing Willys so over the years I’ve found out where to buy and NOT to buy as far as parts go. Again, thanks for being here on the net……..Sam P.S. My E-mail is

  2. deilers

    Congrats on the purchase. I’ll mark this as sold. Thanks for the update and I’m glad ewillys has been useful for you 🙂

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