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Biscuit’s New Drain Holes


One little mod I’ve been meaning to implement was the installation of some drain holes for the driver and passenger side floors.  This allows the interior of the body to easily be sprayed out after a day in the dirt.

I knew I didn’t simply want holes; instead I wanted holes with stoppers.  But, I was concerned the stoppers would wear on the fiberglass. So, the other day I drove down the road and browsed around the local Home Depot store to see what I could find.

One idea I had was to check out the PVC aisle to see if there were any stoppers for PVC Pipe.  After looking around, I discovered some $.15 stoppers that could fit into 2″ PVC I already had.  So, I bought the stoppers and went to work.

First, I drilled 2″ holes with a drill saw.  Then, I cut two pieces (one for each side) PVC to about 4″ (my fiberglass body has two layers of fiberglass with a foam core).  I then used some handy marine glue to stick the PVC in place.  It takes the marine glue about 7 days to cure, but once cure, it’s there for life.  Here are the finished results — nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Here’s the hole with the stopper in place.  I still need to put some herculiner around the edges to blend everything in better.

This image shows the stopper out and the top of the hole:

This image shows the bottom of the hole:


One comment on “Biscuit’s New Drain Holes

  1. dan

    nice. i’m going to be doing my drain holes this weekend too.. ‘cept i was thinking of putting a plate under the bottom, spaced down 1″ too keep anything from hitting it from underneath (that way i could leave the plugs out too and not have water splash IN from the front tries..)
    nice job.

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