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1946 CJ-2A Vista, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Sold to an excited eWillys reader!

This is the 2nd beautiful restoration from Vista I have seen.  The first one is posted here.  The seller is as meticulous regarding the description as he is on the restoration itself!

Background on VEC #14,513 – During the past seven years I have restored four 1946 CJ2A jeeps to original condition.  This jeep is by far the best and is the rarest of the four.  It also represents my last jeep restoration project.    I work at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park and my first restoration of a CJ2A is being used in a trained animal show there every day.  I had so much fun, with this project that it got me started restoring them for fun.  #14,513 is my best restoration and I expected it to be my “keeper”.

As far as I can trace the history, except for the last year before I purchased it, when it was in Oregon, this jeep is a California native (at least for the last 50 years, when the ownership trail went cold).  It has no rust.  In the 1950’s it was owned by Phil’s Garage in Torrance, California.  It was set up to tow vehicles back to the shop.  It was impeccably maintained by the garage mechanic, who I never met, but whose workmanship and attention to detail 50 years ago, I still admire today.

This jeep has matching serial numbers on the firewall, dash and left front frame horn. Behind the column shifter, is the T-90 transmission.  The column shift option was dropped early in the first year of production (at around #30,000), because the GIs returning home from the war preferred the floor shifter transmission like the ones they were used to driving in their various theaters of operation.  For this reason, there are very few, original equipment, column shift VECs left ….”

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6 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Vista, Ca **SOLD**

  1. DJ

    I won this Jeep last night on eBay! Stoked to bring it home! It will make it’s new home in San Diego CA.

  2. DJ

    this VEC has a 12V alternator ( maybe for all the extra lights?) …and the oil filter moved to accomodate that…do you think it will be hard to install a 12v generator instead and move the oil filter back?

  3. DJ

    Newest question…There seems to be a bit of disagreement about the California Vehicle Code and the need for seat belts…To placate the overzealous Law Enforcement Officer and my bride, I will install some vintage-looking lap belts.
    Moving along from that premise, Where do I mount the pair of belts? What seems to work best? The fewer drilled holes the better. Do I need to connect them to the frame? Any ready made pieces available?
    I know if this bugger rolls and I am wearing a belt —I am smashed like a bug, but keeping the peace and domestic tranquility dictates I create the appearance of safety..

  4. deilers

    You might try this:

    or this general search of the cj2a page:

    My belts are connected to an anchor that is bolted through the body and has a thick plate on the other side. My dad just bolted his belts (old gm seat belts of some vintage) to the body. One bolt into the wheel well an the other at the forward part of the rear area, just before the corner.

    I can give u a better description if you’d like later …

    – D

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