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1953 CJ-3B West Magic Reservoir, Id $8975


This looks nice. I’m not sure where West Magic Reservoir is.

“This is one great jeep. It is all original, four cylinder newly re-built engine, new suspension, new tires, new fuel pump, new brakes. No cracks in glass, It’s clean, runs great, looks great. Have to sell, but firm on price. If you know your Willys, you’ll love this one.”


2 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B West Magic Reservoir, Id $8975

  1. deilers

    Good Catch! You know, I was looking at the “jeep” on the back of the tailgate and didn’t catch that at all. I kind of felt a nag in the back of my head that something wasnn’t quite right, but nothing registered (safe to say no the first time that has happened … 🙂 ).

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