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A Project Idea – 4 Door Willys Truck

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I ran across this thread today at  The designer wanted to combine a couple trucks into a four door truck.  He photoshopped the mockup together below.  I think it would make a good looking project.


11 Comments on “A Project Idea – 4 Door Willys Truck

  1. Lylito

    I just finished the original thread – they mention that the cab is tapered – is that the truck cab, the wagon cab, or both? Maybe I should post over there…

  2. deilers


    Regarding your tapered question, I believe what they are saying is that the front of the cab is narrower than the rear; so putting one after the other causes a connection issue. I can’t say for sure if that is true or not. If it is, than it might be simpler to make a truck out of a 4 door wagon.

    – Dave

  3. Colin Peabody

    I think it would be cool to build a 4 door Jeep truck, but I would use the front doors from a truck or a wagon and turn them around( right door to the left rear side, left door to the right rear side and hinge them at the back like suicide doors. You could use the stock hinges that way. You would have the vent windows at the back and you could use the A pillars as C pillars. Some sheet metal work could fill in the area from the vent windows to the back portion of the regular Jeep truck cab. Using portions of the roof of a station wagon, you could fill in the area needed in the roof extension.

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