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1942 MB Rapid City, SD **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

(04/07/2010) This MB has been a little customized.

“Willys Jeep has a mustang 6 cylinder and body is in good condition but needs paint job… Fixed up its worth anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 depending on if its just a four wheel drive or military style. This is a real Willys and was a military Jeep, has holes for the gun in the middle and places for all the military equipment… the real clue is there is no gate that drops down in the rear… its flat. Note that is has a lot of surface rust from not being painted and paint worn in spots but all the metal is very solid on it. All vehicles sold as is, cash only.”


2 Comments on “1942 MB Rapid City, SD **SOLD**

  1. Brett

    Im confused, where is that ‘willys’ stamp located at? I’ve only seen it on a tailgate, windshield frame and the hood. Looks like its at the bottom left rear of the tub. I always thought or read that the military versions omitted the willys stamp. Am I wrong? Could it be a VEC tub with a MB front or did the VEC always have a tailgate. I remember reading that the early ones where a mix of left over parts.

  2. deilers

    The early tubs were marked with Willys and Ford, but then the military asked both makers to stop marking the rears with stamped names (somewhere around Mid 1942?). So a body with a stamped Willys or Ford is a mark of an early body.

    – D

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