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FC-150 & FC-170 Diesel Ishpeming, Mi Make Offer

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UPDATE2:  Still Available

UPDATE:  Craig confirms that this is a FC-170 DRW; it’s unclear if the diesel is original or if it is a replacement engine (rather than a M-676 with a Cerlist Diesel.)

“I have an FC 150 and an FC 170 that will be sold as a pair. The FC 170 has no motor, trans or transfer case. It was a RARE factory diesel with a Gafner loader. It has a GVW of 9000# with Dana axles. Found a bell housing and flywheel in the cab so I assume it is off the diesel. Odometer shows 7500 miles. The FC 150 is pretty much complete except for the seats. It has a 4 cylinder F134 motor that will be rebuilt shortly. It has the standard bore and reground crank and bearings to match. Waitng for a front seal and valve stem seals. Odometer shows 21,500 miles. I am just stating what the odometers say, don’t know if it is the actual miles or not. Both Jeeps last plated around 1973-74.  I am open to REASONABLE OFFERS. I am not going to give these away so don’t waste my time. I do have more pics if you are serious.”


13 Comments on “FC-150 & FC-170 Diesel Ishpeming, Mi Make Offer

  1. Craig B.

    The yellow truck is a FC-170 DRW. I have not heard of a diesel being an option on these civilan trucks. If it’s a #9000 GVW then it came with the T-98 4-speed transmission. Not sure what a gafner loader is but it basically looks like a parts vehicle right now. Dana/Spicer 70 rear, Dana/Spicer 44 in front.

  2. Craig B.

    A llitle research on the Gafner Loader… It was the business end of a logging operation that loaded the logs for market onto trailers. Youtube Grafton Loader and you can see some in action. Ohh, to see one on an old FC would be a real treat! Lots of logging in Michigan, so it all makes sense. Willys – They go where others fail…..

  3. Damian Andriacchi

    Hey Guys, these are my Jeeps. If you look closely above the grill there are letters stating” DIESEL”.They look like they have been there since new. There are Gafner Loader decals on both doors. I do have pics to prove that as well as pics of the VIN plate stamped with the #9000 GVW. Gentleman I purchased from said the diesel was removed just before he got it. If you would like to see pics of anything I will post if someone can tell me how. Thanks

  4. deilers

    Hi Damian,

    Thanks for the info! Is there any more info about the Gafner Loader on the decals (serial numbers, other names, etc?). That sounds like an unusual feature that I’d like to learn more about.

    Also, I’m happy to post any additional photos if you’d like. Just email them to me at and I’ll add them and then bump this post back to the top. Don’t worry about the size, I will adjust them to fit appropriately.

    Best of luck!

    – Dave

  5. Craig B.

    Here is a breakdown of your serial number; 61568-15-10225. 61568 designates a FC-170 model truck. 15 designates a dual rear wheel T-98 4-speed transmission. 10225 designates the 225th 4-speed FC-170 dual rear wheel produced, a 1961 model. 3- speed FC-170 DRW’s were given a #8000 GVW rating, 4-speed a #9000 GVW rating. Sure would like to see that Gafner Loader that the truck came equipped with! There were no diesel FC trucks produced in 1961. Probably an aftermarket changover. Still a rare vehicle.

  6. Craig B.

    One other note as these are up for sale as a pair. The FC-150 looks like a 1957 or 58 narrow-track unit. Early cooling tunnel model.

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