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1945 MB Petaluma, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE:  SOLD** See comments

(05/09/2010) That’s an odd rollbar mount.

“This is a true WWII era Willy’s which runs and drives well.It still has the original drive train and only needs new seat covering and some body work to be back to original military specifications.l.”


5 Comments on “1945 MB Petaluma, Ca **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers

    Hi Mike,

    I haven’t seen this jeep posted in a while. Given the price and the unusual roll bar, it might still be available, but i couldn’t say for sure.


    – Dave

  2. Erik

    Hey there just letting you know that i actually purchased this jeep about 8 months ago. i have currently compleatly finished rebuilding the engine and am beginning the is in good hands as it will be brought back out on the battlefield once its finished (WW2 Reenacting)

  3. David Eilers

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for that update. I’ll correct the post. Good luck with the rebuild. If you’d like to share any pics of the process or the completed product, feel free to email me at

    – Dave

  4. Erik

    i also removed that rollbar, (that was a real pain they had it welded underneath the jeep as well as on the side)

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