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1958 IKA Jeep JA-3UB Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina eBay

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The shipping on this from Argentina would be a killer — However, I can’t say I’ve ever seen these for sale in the US. You can learn more about the JA-3UB here (though the translation is rough).

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Here is an example of a IKA Jeep with an unusual soft top.


2 Comments on “1958 IKA Jeep JA-3UB Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina eBay

  1. Yogui Arias

    This model Jeep was manufactured in Argentina at the Industrias Kaiser Argentina factory that began producing in the April 26, 1956 The model pictured is a 3UB JA; What is JA Argentino by Jeep (CJ analogy, Civilian Jeep), 3 because it was the third model (with 1 being the body of CJ5, and 2 long or pick up). As in the USA were made and different factories open body will adapted their models. In the specific case of this photo there is a body Henalu that were manufactured in the town of chañar Ladeado, Santa Fe).
    The JA model 3 is designed from CJ 5 and its main changes is that the body is 12.5 cm longer, is ma slata profile, allowing you to incorporate a stirrup (crop type) on the same side, the wheelhouse semicircular instead is trapezoidal and the rear fenders instead of square are rounded. Motor Continental 4 (similar to Continental 226, but 4 cylinders), T90 box and 4×4 rafters with reductota Dana Spicer 18.

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