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1949/51 Truck Durango, Co $2750

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I think this looks like a good, solid truck for the price.

“This is a nice old truck, not perfect by a ways and probably not a candidate for restoration to original but a good basis for a driver. The PO [Previous Owner] put an inline 6 GM engine in it but didn’t have to cut the firewall to do it, still has the T-90 transmission and Spicer 18 transfer case, Dana front (25/27?) and the Timken rear axle, 4wd works in both high and low range, no OD. As with many of these old trucks parts from one year ended up on another so the grill and gauges are not “right” for a ’49 which is the year on the title. Has aftermarket amp/water temp/oil pressure gauges in dash, stock gauges aren’t hooked up, it’s been converted to 12v.

Paint looks faded but OK not a pro job as there are a few runs/sags on the bed, not a rust bucket at all, frame is solid floors are solid. Truck runs (rough) drives/stops goes where you point it etc but will need a good going through to be a driver. I bought this 8-02-08 from a local here in Durango with big plans but ended up spending all my cash/time on my Wrangler. Every time I look at it I see Dana 60s/vortec V-8 and an exocage and I feel the truck deserves better but if that’s what you want to do with it so be it…..”


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