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1962 Wagon Portland, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

This is a nice looking Wagon.  There are a few very minor issues with it.

“I bought this all original wagon in 2004 from about five years ago.  When I bought the wagon it was advertised as having a “freshly rebuilt Hurricane 6 engine” and I am the third owner.

It is a very fun and wonderful wagon.  The color combination of gold (khaki) and president red (an original Willy’s color) are a stunning combination.  I get comments on it all of the time.  The other day I drove it to work (four miles from my house) and I got two thumbs up on the freeway and a “shout out” from a young lady who professed love for my Willy’s!  This happens all of the time.

I will, occasionally, rent my cars out for advertising photo shoots.  This past fall Lands End used my wagon for the cover page of their nationally distributed Christmas catalog.  I am told Lands End received a lot of inquiries about the Willy’s itself and if it was for sale….”


4 Comments on “1962 Wagon Portland, OR **SOLD**

  1. deilers

    Thanks Kevin .. that’s got to be about the oddest reason I’ve encountered for not trying to sell a vehicle!

  2. deilers

    Hi Don,

    I saw this still for sale earlier this month if I remember correctly. I’ll do a search and see what I find.

    – Dave

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