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1941 MB Slatgrille Bremerton, Wa Price?


UPDATE:  Dexter confirms that the seller is correct; it is a slatgrille.  However, it isn’t a GPW and it has the wrong grille.  That threw me off.  Dexter says the G503 site discussed this.

“I have a 1941 Ford GPW ( Ford made Willys MB). It has a lot of Slat Grill parts left on it and I verified this through a few years back. This Jeep is a little bit beyond my knowledge and experience for restoration but no doubt saveable. It has typical floor rust and will need a new pan. Its solid enough to stand on though. Has a CJ engine that ran and drove before I started tearing it down and it still cranks if you hook up a battery.  The rear end grenaded before I got it but it is Ford stamped. I’m slowly working on restoring it to a condition of one used in the field and will continue to but I don ‘t think I can do it justice. Its a Slat grill and should be restored by someone with more experience. Its got some typical “bubba” mods and additions but Ive already removed most of the hard stuff.”


2 Comments on “1941 MB Slatgrille Bremerton, Wa Price?

  1. Dexter

    I remember reading about this Jeep on This is a slat grill, but with the wrong grill.

    Is the tub military MB/GPW or civilian? Military because there is no cutout notch on the dash above the steering column.

    Is it a GPW or MB?
    Early MB because there is no glovebox.

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