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1942 GPW San Dimas, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $5995.

Maybe it is the white on the rims, but something looks odd about them to me .. I can’t quite place it.

“Hello, We are selling our 1942 GPW Jeep with much regret. We were hopping to restore this wonderful jeep, but as we all know, the economy stinks so we selling this great creature. The serial # is 78169 and was build in Nov 11, 1942 and the hood # looks like # 20186593.
Thinks that I know about the Jeep;
It has 5 Combat Rims
4 NTD Tires and 1 other type, (maybe off road on a combat rim. It is on the back of the jeep in photos.
2 gas tanks for under the seat. one with a side spout and one that is filled by under the drivers seat.
Gauges look orginal, milage gage got painted by someone other than me
2 ID plates are there. 1 data plate missing
Some rust in the tool box bottom, but not bad.
looks like wrong radiator and carburetor
Looks like orginal Head marked GPW
Block is got the look of the orginal blue but not the matching block # as Serial #.
Engine turns over and looks like good compression
Has a what I believe is a T-90 transmission
Steel seats are “F” marked
Winshield is cracked
Missing horn and air filter
Has new “F” marked canopy frame”


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