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1960 Wagon St. Louis Museum, MO **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was on eBay

(07/16/2010) Here’s a nice wagon, though it’s not exactly museum quality.

“One of the very few remaining unmolested Jeep carryalls in the world!! It is just one of 485 ever built in 1960. This vehicle was sold new near Springfield, Illinois in late 1959. It got repossesed shortly thereafter and remained in storage for years. An auto Museum in Springfield purchased the Jeep in the late 1990s and kept it until the museum closed a few months ago. The vehicle is amazingly solid with an all original interior. It has been painted in it’s original color. We see very little to no evidence of major rust issues. It runs and drives and is a blast. Comes with it’s original 1959 Illinois license plates!!”


3 Comments on “1960 Wagon St. Louis Museum, MO **SOLD**

  1. Steve

    would a 1960 have that rear fender design? I thought the round design ended in the early 50’s?

  2. Bob

    It’s my understanding that all of the real “Panel Delivery” wagons had the round openings and the wagons had the angled openings. This was true for the entire life of the Willys wagon.

  3. Bob

    Also, it does not looks like a pristine piece to me. The grille is bashed and it looks like they painted it after it got hit. Also the interior is pretty cruddy….it is nice, but not perfect.

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