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Year CJ-5 Menasha, Wi $1200


This runs and drives, but needs some work.  The body is fiberglass.

“I bought this Jeep as a project about 2 years ago. I just don’t have the time or the money to put into it right now. The entire drive train and frame are original but the tub has been replaced with a fiberglass one. The original frame numbers are gone; there is an engine number but it’s too faded to make out which is why I can only narrow it down to a 55′-65′ CJ-5. It has a 134ci “Hurricane” F-head which runs and drives well. It also has dana 44 axles with 5.38 gears. What it needs: a new gas tank, the old one was too rusted away to salvage luckily this is only $100 from JC Whitney. A carburetor rebuild, kit is $8 if you can do it yourself, only $134 for new carburetor. And lastly the brakes need to be replaced. The catch is that I do not have a title for it. I bought it from a farmer who only used it on his land for the last 20 years and he bought it from a guy who also didn’t have the title. It can easily be retitled with a hobbyist plate, it involves a little more work but would be worth it. I haven’t titled it because it has just been a project thus far.”


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