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1946 CJ-2A Chatham, Nj eBay


The seller is pretty accurate about the bad mods.  Also note the welds and patches on the front rails of the frame.

“Rare early CJ2A Good Restoration Candidate. I recently came across this running, drivable early CJ2A as part of a package deal for a few jeeps I bought. The serial number is 48165 which puts it in the middle of 1946 after the switch from column shifts back to shifter on the floor.

This jeep has served as a gas station plow jeep for the past forty years. It starts right up and runs well, shifts fine and remarkably the brakes work. It appears that new leaf springs were put on it sometime ago. The engine appears to be the original CJ block with an MB head on it. It runs smooth with no smoke or strange noises. Valve tappets are a little noisy like most flathead engines are. Drivetrain appears to be original including the 16 inch wheels.Unfortunately Bubba got his hands this jeep so the following things will need attention as it is restored:

The plow rig has damaged the front frame horns – they have been rewelded, but not a pretty sight ….”

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