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Is this possibly a GP or MA Body? California City, Ca **SOLD**

UPDATE:  This appears SOLD, but was listed at $800.

I could be wrong, but the slopes and cut of the passenger and driver’s sides look very similar to a Willys MA, thought maybe a Ford GP as well?.  This has been hacked up a bit, but it’s worth a look.  Check out what appears to be an emergency brake as well.

“Clear title has orignal old style pink slip non op for 20 years but probably off dmv record now… 4×4 ran when parked 10 years ago”


12 Comments on “Is this possibly a GP or MA Body? California City, Ca **SOLD**

  1. Bob

    Could be an early one, although I think the grilles are different on early ones. Maybe it’s just a modification to make it easier to get in and out.

  2. deilers

    Yeah .. the grille and fenders are all wrong, as are the steps. But the body, at least what remains of the body, looks like an early jeep to me.

  3. frank

    fenders and grilles get changed all the time, but if you look at the step behind the fender….does that not look like an MA step? just a thought

  4. David Eilers

    Thanks Roy. I dropped the ball on this one, because I ended up seeing this MA in person, but forgot to update this post with the info.

  5. Josh

    It went to a very good home. Sean has the knowledge, connections, and skills to put this treasure back together properly. Last check it was coming along very nicely.

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