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4 Jeeps in Tennessee eBay


Jeep Number 3 is a 1965 CJ-3B, based on the serial numbers from the CJ-3B Page, and not a CJ-3A as listed by the seller.

Jeep Number 1: CJ5 – Blue, no title, no VIN tag or data plate, no axles, no engine, just a body. Most likely late ’70’s.

Jeep Number 2: CJ2A – Red, no title, no VIN tag or data plate, complete with engine but missing crank. Both axles, complete running gear. Most likely around 1947 due to round recessed turn signals.

Jeep Number 3: CJ3A – Red, no title, VIN: 8105 118510 – complete with engine. Both axles, complete running gear. Most likely around 1949.

Jeep Number 4: CJ2A – Yellow/Green, no title, VIN: 60979 – complete with engine (engine has been removed) Both axles, complete running gear (transfer case in bed). Most likely around 1946.

I will throw in additional axles, driveshafts, motor, and a couple transfer cases…”


3 Comments on “4 Jeeps in Tennessee eBay

  1. Rudy Petrella

    Hi i’m interested in blue cj5. I work for a school and am doing a project with students funds are little to none let me know how we could get this body.

  2. deilers

    Hi Rudy,

    These were listed on ebay sometime back. I don’t currently have any contact info for the seller and don’t know if these sold or not.

    You can email me at and let me know more about the type of project you are looking to find and I can create a post to see if any readers know about anything in your area OR could donate something.


    – Dave

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