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Surviving a Nuclear Blast …

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Just a few Updates Tonight ….

As a kid in elementary school, I remember climbing under my desk as part of our emergency drills (earthquake, nuclear blast, bully avoidance).  But, I always wondered what I would do if there wasn’t a desk to dive under!

Now I know the government had already been planning for a lack of desks.  Thanks to this image Alex spotted on Wikipedia, I now see that I just have to locate a Willys Wagon and dive into it for safety.  Sure, it might get blown over, but it would sure be more comfortable than getting trapped underneath my desk (unless I was trapped under my desk with my sweetheart from 6th grade Michelle, but that’s a whole ‘nother story)!  See the expanded image here.


2 Comments on “Surviving a Nuclear Blast …

  1. deilers

    That’s a fascinating video! The video of the wagon is pretty good footage for restoring a wagon to look like a civil defense wagon.

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