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Civil Defense Video with some Willys

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After reading the “Surviving a Nuclear Blast“, Rich forwarded this Civil Defense Video hosted at  At the 2:45 mark, you’ll see the red wagon below.  I think it would be interesting to do a restoration like this.  There’s a few other jeeps in the video as well, though no close up shots like this one.


2 Comments on “Civil Defense Video with some Willys

  1. Daryl

    Wow, what a great find! I would love to see one done up like this, or a tthe very least with the Civil Defense logo on there. What a neat show stopper that would be!

  2. deilers

    The Civil Defense Logo would be pretty easy to create. I just did a search for CD stickers and there are small versions of them out there ( for example), but I can’t attest to their quality.

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