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1945 VEC CJ-2A? Nicholas, Ky **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Read the comments, this did go quick.

“Folks, I doubt this one lasts long, though it isn’t “all original”.

“All Original Jeep – 12 Volt System – Tow Bar On Front Bumper”


2 Comments on “1945 VEC CJ-2A? Nicholas, Ky **SOLD**

  1. munkjeep

    I went over and bought it today, thanx for letting the whole world know about it. I was planning to buy and when I called him this morning at 7:30, he said 7 people had already emailed him asking about the jeep and some thought he had priced it too cheap. Anyway it is a interesting jeep salad, it is a 46 ser # 20345 with a for real MB tub and hood, changed over to a floor shift, CJ fenders and grille, with a windshield off of a DJ3 ( I think ) Sombody back in the day did some fancy body work, body and floor is kind of rough with metal patches lap welded. I might put a MB grille in it, fog it OD, and drive it as is .

  2. deilers

    Congrats on the purchase (yikes, glad the seller didn’t raise the price)! That’s a nice low serial #, though it doesn’t sound like there’s much left of the original vehicle. Still, can’t beat the price for a runner! I’ll update the post.

    – Dave

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