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Kim’s LRDG S.A.S. Willys

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I’ve seen them in old pictures, but Kim is the first owner of a Long Range Desert Group S.A.S. Willys to contact me and share pics.  Of course, you can’t but help but think of the old Rat Patrol shows when you see these vehicles.  After reading through the website, one of the things I’ve learned is that there was plenty of thought, research and recon work that went into the supplies these jeeps and truck would need to carry with them as they sailed long, desolate seas of sand.

Kim writes, “The jeep I bought is mechanically perfect. The previous owner put all his money into the motor, brakes and trans.  The body on my jeep needs some help and eventually I will replace the rear and floor sections of the tub as there is some rust. Fortunately, It came to me painted in the proper color and had many extras including a Bagnold sun compass.

As a special addition to this jeep, I re-built a WW2 Italian de-milled M37 machine gun and converted it into a gas gun M.G. simulator. It sounds like a M.G. but no blanks are needed and it can not shoot a projectile. That is mounted on the front cowling. As I have been a machinist and tool maker for 30 years I machined a set of Twin Vickers machine guns out of aluminum for the rear mount. These are strictly dummies with no moving parts.

I did not buy this jeep to be a Trailer Queen. This is a re-enactment jeep and as far as I am concerned it looks like it just got back from Kufra Oasis and that is exactly what I want.  My ultimate dream is to have 2 WW2 jeeps. The S.A.S (which is not street legal) and an American OD jeep that is licensed and ready to drive to work.”

And a couple pics of the Twin Vickers Kim made. In this pic, some basic outlines and contours have been created in the aluminum stock.

Here you can see many more details are apparent.


5 Comments on “Kim’s LRDG S.A.S. Willys

  1. Simon Alder

    Dave – I’m currently restoring a ’42 Willys MB to LRDG/SAS configuration. Frame is nearly finished and I’ve just found a repro tub which I am about to start working on.

    Kim has been a real help and at some point I’d like to buy 3 of his Vickers K’s!!!

  2. Simon

    Finding 16 WWII vintage jerry cans!! Apart from that, getting the right sand color. I can find the right color in a spray can but not in gallon tins unless I pay outrageous prices. I’d prefer to go the gallon tin route so I can apply the paint using a HVLP sprayer.

  3. Mitch

    Very interesting to see Kim`s machined Vickers K i would like to know how much these are for a similar LRDG project im working on, any info would be much appreciated.

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