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1943 MB Clarkdale, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was $18,999. **SOLD**

(08/31/2010) This “mint” condition MB has an unusual cross member underneath the grille.  It also sports what appear to be warn hubs.  I’d review this closely.

“This mint condition 1943 Willy MB military US Army vehicle is for sale, new roof, a must see vehicle, this is a true collectors item, travels 65 MPH, 60 HP, weight 2453 lbs, 132 inches long, fuel tank holds 15 gallons of gasoline, get about 20 miles per gallon, original cost was $739, email your questions, thanks”


12 Comments on “1943 MB Clarkdale, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Dexter

    Hmmm . . . looks to me like the body has been extended by at least 8 inches. There’s an aweful amount of space between the axe head and the rear wheel opening. Also, the canvas top doesn’t slope down as much. The owner is probably a big guy who needed lots of leg room.

  2. Lester Senn

    Lots of discussion about this one on body side and corner handles.They only have one mount bolt at each end,should be two.Experts on G503 basically wondered what the owner was using to think this is worth $29,000.

  3. deilers

    Maybe spent it on beer?

    Do you have that link handy? I’d like to direct readers there so they can learn more (well, and me too!)


  4. Lester Senn

    Update he has lowered buy it now price on ebay to $18999.Still way too high for all the errors on it

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