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1999 ‘M-151A2 Encore’ Pompano Beach, Fl **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $11,500.  **SOLD**

Bill pointed out that this is actually a M-151A2 Encore.  These were built  using the M-151A2 running gear for a couple years in the late 90s.  You can read more about them at the siteHere are good pics of another EncoreHere’s the discussion of the body at the site.  I tried to find more info on the history of Encore, but didn’t have success, though it went out of business around 1999.

Greg pointed out this unusual M-151. It’s not clear to me if this was built from scratch or rebuilt, but it sure looks like a pretty new vehicle.  In that sense, it’s a rather rare vehicle.  If this WAS built from new parts, then $25,000 isn’t all that high of price to have someone built a vehicle from scratch.  Including the cost of labor, building a jeep from scratch with new parts would likely land in the $25000 realm.  The ad includes lots of pics.

“You are looking at a titled re-creation of a MUTT M151/ army jeep. In 1999 this Jeep was built in Clearwater, Florida for a jeep enthusiast that had a home in Utah as well. It was shipped to Utah in 2002 and used for local driving and recreational use. This vehicle has also won a few trophies in local car shows. In 2009 the Jeep was shipped back to his home in Palm Beach, Florida where it sat in storage. This vehicle is like new with only 400 actual miles. Everything is in working order and it runs like a 400 mile Jeep should. This vehicle cost over $25,000.00 to have built. There loss is your gain. I am only asking $11,900.00. I am open to all reasonable offers.”


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