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Buck Completes His Hunting Jeep


There have been some outstanding eWillys reporters filing stories from all areas of world, but none were more intrepid nor braver than the Head of the eWillys Bureau in Afghanistan, Lt. Buck.  His report from the front lines (or close enough) on Willys in a field in May of 2009 from Afghanistan marked a gold standard in reporting.

The fact is, rumor has it he even joined the Army to get there, because the penny pinchers at eWillys corporate wouldn’t buy him a plane ticket.  Now that’s dedication!

I am extremely happy to report that Buck made it safely back to Montana and, I hope, has found some well deserved peace.  Since he’s been home, he managed to complete his CJ-2A build, which he put together as a vehicle to explore the central Montana plains and do some hunting.  What better use for a jeep is there than that!  Congrats and Thanks Buck!

Buck writes, “Well, I’m happy to say that I’m back home and my jeep is finally done after 10 years of on again off again work. Attached are photos of my dog Uncas and me out hunting grouse in the vast wheat fields of central Montana. I never wanted a museum piece, but a functional piece of history.


One comment on “Buck Completes His Hunting Jeep

  1. Robert

    Buck, your jeep looks great and that is one nice looking pup you’ve got there, too. Congrats on finishing your project.

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