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A Short Weekend Trip along the West Coast of South Africa

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Claus reports that he and some friends enjoyed a short vacation recently and has some pics to share with us!

Claus writes, “We have finally done a short weekend trip up the West Coast of SA. Nothing hectic just 6 jeeps and 3 trailers going on a stroll. The route all together was about 220km, but it was just fun enjoy the ride and in the evening sitting around a camp fire and enjoying all jeep talk. Just therapeutic for the owners”

I asked Claus about the unusual stonework for the fireplace.  He informed me that, “The fireplace is built like that so it allows many people to “braai”. In the centre you make the big fire and then people can sit around it and scrape the hot coals from the centre out to the sides where you can braai or bbq your meat. So you always have a big fire in the middle so it continuously burns and provides hot coals. They don’t all look like that here. The camp site serves 6 tents so you can just all gather around one fireplace and be social.”  Learn about Braai here.


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