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1945 CJ-2A VEC #277 Goffstown, NH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1900.

“1945 CJ2A. It is the #277 making it the 277 civilian jeep ever built. It starts, runs and drives. It shifts just fine and the transfer case works fine as does the 4 wheel drive. The drive train is complete and original. The brakes don’t work, most of the gages don’t work, the lights don’t work, there is no parking brake handle. It still has the 6 volt system but when I was driving it I believe it was running just off the battery. The motor sounds good but smokes at times but then it hasn’t been run for many years until recently and then only for a hour or so. It has a MB engine in it. It may be the original engine and then again it might not as they were making these side by side the WWII jeeps when this was made during the last part of the war. It has the front frame cover, original metal spoke steering wheel, original early parking lights and the very very early square washer windshield. Of course it is the early colum shift as well. This jeep is going to need repairs and parts to get it on the road and alot of work if your looking to restore it to 100% original, which I hope you will. The body while not bad is not as good as the pictures make it look. There is alot of amature body work on it. Fine if you just want to make it road worthy, but if restoring it you’ll have some work to do. you some. As you can see there is no gas tank, no seats and no tailgate. I had picked up many of the parts to restore this over the years but I’m not including them in the sale of the jeep, however they are available after if you need them. ”


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