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1959 Wagon Frisco, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  was on eBay. **SOLD**

(08/25/2010) Here’s a non-restored, beautiful Wagon.

“This is an UNRESTORED, original Willys Wagon.  It has been maintained but not restored.  The mileage is actual, and it drives as good as it looks.  It is not a mint vehicle.  The paint has been refreshed at some time, but the old paint was not removed.  I suspect it was getting faded.  There is very minor surface rust, but I could find no spots that have bubbled through.  The vehicle was either factory or dealer undercoated, and this coupled with dry climate and inside storage has preserved it.  I had started some detailing under the hood, but there is plenty of work to be finished.

This wagon was originally purchased from Bob Jones Motors in Denver.  It was taken to Montana where inside storage and infrequent use preserved it.  The interior is unbelievable.  the seats are still near perfect, and the grass cloth headliner is uncut and in perfect condition.  The wind welt has begun to deteriorate, and I ordered new to replace it.  I couldn’t bring myself to do it, as the original red fleck pattern is no longer available, and it is factory original.   This has to be one of the best preserved original Willys wagons of this vintage.  It comes with an original owners manual, and it’s original jack.

The wheel covers are from a later model.  They came with the vehicle, they look good, so I left them on. As far as I know the only non functioning system is the wipers.  At some time they were converted to electric, and the currently don’t work.  All of the necessary parts to reconvert to vacuum come with the vehicle, along with a number of sare parts that I have gathered over time.”


5 Comments on “1959 Wagon Frisco, CO **SOLD**

  1. Steve

    Does that rear axle have lockouts? I have a set of hub caps like that, must have been an aftermarket?

  2. deilers

    I’m finally catching up on past emails! It looks to me like there is more than just a hubcap there by the looks of it. I can’t say for sure without a closer pic.

  3. deilers

    Hi Charles,

    This wagon was listed for auction on ebay, but did not reach the reserve price, so it is still for sale to the best of my knowledge.

    You can contact the seller via ebay. Here is the seller’s profile:

    on the left hand side, part way down there is an option to “contact seller”. Click on that (you’ll need to sign in) and you can send a note to the seller.

  4. Kevin

    Funny that so many of these keep showing up on ebay and don’t sell, so they keep listing it, I personally wouldn’t buy something on ebay without seeing it…not for that kind of money.

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