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Flatfender Jeep Show @ Bob’s Green, Ohio Sept 26th 2010


Don’t forget, this weekend Bob will be having a Flatfender event at his house!

Bob writes, “We’re having a Flatfender Jeep show at my house near Akron, Ohio on Sept 26th. We’d like to have maybe 20-25 jeeps. We’ll provide lunch, have a nice show, maybe some swap meet type things. Here’s a flyer for it. You can post my e-mail address or have people leave comments in the comment section and I’ll provide the location. I live in Green, Ohio, near the A/C airport. I have plenty of room for Jeeps and even trailers if people want to haul to it.”


3 Comments on “Flatfender Jeep Show @ Bob’s Green, Ohio Sept 26th 2010

  1. Bob

    I’ll be off tomorrow buying and setting stuff up for Sunday (plus it’s my birthday!) If you want info, e-mail me at and leave me your cell number. I’ll e-mail back or call you when I check my e-mail.

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