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2 CJ-2A(s)? Jackson Cty, MS **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.

(10/06/2009) “Two early Willys jeeps. One is an “Army jeep,” and may be a very rare variant made by Willys in 1946 for the Coast Guard, and the other is a definitely a ’46 CJ2A (it has a nameplate). From my purely novice viewpoint, it looks a lot like the CJ2A, but I’m selling it without claiming it to be any particular model. I just don’t know myself to be able to say. It has “battle wheels and tires.” I do know both are 1940s models (everyone seems to agree on that point) and the army one had a PTO (it has a pillow block in the original bumper) in the front and has an odd-ball “government-issue” hitch and tow-bar. The CJ2A is complete incl. engine, the other is minus the engine, but the rest of the drivetrain appears complete. Both need a fair amount of work if the buyer wants to restore them to original, but you could probably get a running jeep in a full weekend of work, maybe less. There is enough here to get one complete, running jeep and have a fair boneyard left over. The bodies are, as these things are generally found, both pretty good. I had gotten these intending to make one out of both, but have been told they are collectible and it’s probably best not to do that. I don’t have the time or really, the interest or desire, to restore them myself. I’ve checked eBay, etc., and know that these are not just “old jeeps,” so please, no low-ball offers.”



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  1. Clistmailbox

    I am the seller and I didn’t post these on this site. I posted only to my local Craigslist. I was contacted by someone out of state who referred me to this site, which apparently gathers postings from various sources without contacting the poster. That said, if there is a collector out there interested in these, I would work with them, but I will not engage in any hinkey check deals or other such nonsense. As to the jeeps, I have tried to provide as much info as I can, without attempting to give “bad” info. Also, as the post I placed was aimed only at local buyers, obviously, I intended for the buyer to be able to inspect the jeeps in person. I plainly stated what I knew versus what I had been told, and I will stand by the statement that someone (obviously, with the general mechanical skills and knowledge necessary) could probably get _a running jeep_ with a full weekend of work or less. I _am not_ claiming that they would have a restored jeep, only a running one.

  2. deilers


    I’m Dave and run the website. First, I wanted to thank you for the feedback. I wanted you to know that I did not intend to mock your “weekend” comment, but instead was simply highlighting that important fact — that it will take at least a weekend to get one jeep running (I never claimed it would be a restored jeep). One reason I started this website was to educate people on who was misleading buyers (intentionally or unintentionally) about the real state of their jeeps and the work involved. The truth is many people quickly get over their heads when buying a jeep that requires work, as they lack the tools, time or knowledge to complete the task. So, whenever a seller points out there is work involved, I try to highlight that.

    The website is also intended to match buyers and sellers, which happens more and more on a national and international basis, rather than a local, basis. I get no financial benefits for matching, but rather do it to save jeeps.

    If you’d like me to remove the posting, I’ll be happy to do that. If you’d like me to add some pics, I’ll be happy to do that as well. You can always email me at

    Thanks again,

    – Dave

  3. Clistmailbox


    Thank you for cordial, prompt reply. If I seemed “touchy,” I apologize. As I said in my comment, I didn’t know the post was “re-posted” on your website, and didn’t know anything about the site, until informed by someone out-of-state. As yours seems a legit collectors’ site, I not only have no objection to your having the link, I appreciate it being there for legit collectors.

    That said, my lack of specific knowledge about these jeeps is why I (personally) only posted them to sell locally, so a buyer could inspect them for themselves. I don’t want to mislead anyone (or even have a non-local buyer feel misled). The ad now has pictures, and has been updated, so if someone clicks on the link on your site, they see them (there were some corrections made prior to my seeing your “repost” of it).

    For any interested parties: I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can, but again, please understand that I’m not a jeep collector and all I know is what I’ve been told, beyond what is obvious, such as the plate on the CJ2A. And it seems that if you ask 10 people, you get 12 different stories (GRIN), especially on the military models. If I get any more info that I feel is germane, I’ll update the CL posting.


  4. Clistmailbox

    Dave is correct that I would prefer a local buyer, but as much for the buyer’s sake as mine because I may not be able to answer authoritatively the reasonable questions a “long-distance” buyer might have and I do not want any hard feelings or misunderstandings. If a legit, non-local buyer is interested, and can satisfy themselves that they want them, I would certainly happily sell to them, and after payment is arranged, work with them as far as delivery. Also, I would prefer these to go to someone who can appreciate them, wherever the buyer is located, and I realize that local interest is somewhat limited.

    HOWEVER, to protect myself, I will not consider any “funky” cashier’s check “deals,” or other such stuff. If you are seeing this ad via, I am on the MS Gulf Coast. Please send me an email via the Craigslist post, and please include your location and phone number and I’ll call you ASAP. I’ll provide my contact details, etc. at that point. I’m sorry for that, but there is just too much nonsense on the ‘net – while is legit, there is no way to control who views it.

    Again, thanks to Dave and

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