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1963 CJ-5 Mt. Pleasant, MI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $250

There’s some value in the parts.

“I bought this from an acquaintance who needed the money. It would make a cool project, but not for me. I’m from the west where this kind of rust means the vehicle is long gone. Since moving here I’ve heard people describe this condition as “restorable” or “just a lot of surface rust”. Yeah, except both sides of each surface have rusted to form holes. It ran as of a year ago when I parked it here in the weeds, but while taking pictures I noticed the carb has been uncovered all year. It has push button start, and sounded like it was running on 3 of 4 cylinders when it ran. Plenty of blue smoke to entertain the neighbors with.

Before too long it will get hauled to the salvage yard, it’s worth $250 in steel to me, hence the price. But I’d rather see it go to someone who’ll use it or at least parts of it. I have a clear title from 1989. Brake line is missing, carb leaks fuel. It might be handy for some extra parts though, the grill and hood are decent, and there’s an extra grill included. It also has the PTO drive included. I have no idea if it’s complete, I just know I have a small steel pan with gears in it that bolts to the underside to run a PTO. I also have the original Willys tailgate, which would make a better garage decor than a tailgate because of rust. But it looks cool. The tires in the back are from my Ranger, they are about the same size as the Jeep’s and in better condition, they’ll go with the Jeep also.”


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