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1951 CJ-3A Jeep Tractor Falls Creek, Wi **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was listed at $7500.

Here’s a very rare Willys.  If the serial number is correct, it is 1 of 2 known of this model, though it has been ‘re accessorized” into a standard CJ-3A.

My investigation into this topic started tonight after Dan spotted this ad.  He said, ‘check out the serial number because I think it is a Tractor Jeep’.

I copied there first part of the serial number (451-GD1) and pasted it into Google and hoped for the best.  Seconds later, I had my answer.  It turns out, the website had all the info I needed.  There’s an entire page about both the Jeep Tractor and the Farm Jeep, both ‘farm’ versions of the CJ-3A introduced in 1951 and designed specifically for farms.

The standard CJ-3A serial number beings with 451 GB1, while the Farm Jeep uses 451 GC1 and the Tractor Jeep uses 451 GD1.  The ‘Farm Jeep’ was intended both for farm use and general purpose use and the ‘Tractor Jeep’ was designed exclusively for Farm use, eliminating a variety of items, including “front shocks, a spare tire, windshield, tailgate, headlights, fuel-pump booster, speedometer, and horn

The site reports that only 1 451-GD1 has been documented.  If everything checks out, this will be the second one found. You can see a close up of the serial number plate here.

So, the next time you check out a CJ-3A, double check that serial number.

“This is a solid and strong jeep. It has a unique serial number – 451-GD1 10036.
Engine is a L-134 “Go Devil” – 4 cyl iron block.
Transmission – Dana 18
Front Axle – Dana 25
Rear Axle – Dana 44″


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