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1946 VEC? CJ-2A Lebanon, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000.

This still needs some work.  I can’t tell if this has tool indents or not.

“Beautiful jeep, good condition. Needs some work to get it running. Also garage kept.”


2 Comments on “1946 VEC? CJ-2A Lebanon, PA **SOLD**

  1. Michael Myers

    you made mention of not being to determine if it has tool indents or not….here is a little help for future reference….see in the lower left photo, the inside panel? too indents show up visible just like the outside if they are there..but even easier to identify, is looking at the same pic, on the inside, see the brace, it has a “Y” shape at the top? Tool indent tubs do not have a “Y” brace here, only a “Y” brace on the passenger side 🙂

  2. deilers

    You know, I looked at that pic and the brace and then simply ignored it. I get the feeling I need a good whack upside the head … thanks 🙂

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