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1942 GPA St. George, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $100,000.

The perfect holiday present ….

For comparison, I found a few for sale over at the G503 site. Here is one that was listed at $35,500 this summer.  I’m not sure what it finally sold at …

Here is another one that sold for $29500 this summer.

1942 ford amphibious jeep serial # 4717 date of delivery 12-15-42 99% original but not restored.”


4 Comments on “1942 GPA St. George, UT **SOLD**

  1. PbBelly

    Hmm. For $100k/99% original you’d think it would have the correct ND tires. Makes me wonder what else is lacking…

  2. Paul

    I’d love to have a GPA, just think of the fun you could have on land and in the water but my wallet is way too thin. I tried to talk Crazy Ralphie into loaning me his GPA so I could try and duplicate it in stainless steel but I need to finish my M38 first and that will take a while.

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