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1947 CJ-3B Eagle, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

I check out this jeep today, though didn’t drive it.  This is an interesting build. It appears to have a boxed-in CJ-5 frame and gas tank, with out-boarded rear springs.  The front springs appear stock.  This has both power brakes and power steering, with the power steering unit nicely installed (in other words, someone knew what they were doing).  The grill has a thin strip added to is so it could be extended forwards about 2 inches, though not one my favorite mods, it was done neatly.  The tines have been removed from the Grille and the radiator is right up against it.

I think the body is actually the front of the one body and the back of another body, which explains the seam in the side.  The hat channels appear in good shape.  The side steps have been cut a little as part of the joining process, however, I think a buyer could put some diamond plating side pieces that will nicely hide all that. The dash sports the single later model CJ-3B speedometer. The body has been lifted about 1-2″ off the frame.

This has a single lever transfercase with the turbo tranny.  It also has a Pontiac(?) center console of some kind.  The top looks to be in good condition.  This has a roll bar, though the tube might be 3″ tubing. The jeep has mud guards on the driver’s side, but are missing them on the passenger side.

With some body work, this would probably be a good runner.  So, 1947 is as accurate as any other year for this build.

This looks like a good price.  If you want me to look at it, let me know.”


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