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Year? CJ-3A? Kingman, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800

I’ve lightened the pictures as best I can.  This body looks like a CJ-2A/3a with a 3B windshield.  The rims might be decent. The hood has clearly been modified.  I can’t tell much else.

“i have a old willys jeep that has a v8 ford in it and hasnt been started in 10 years my land lord is looking for the title but if he cant find it you could always go to mvd and have them run the vin numbers it cost 25.00 to do and then you get a title mailed to you i was going to do it myself because willys are kind of exspensive but i dont have the time or the money.this was going to be my project but like i said i dont have much time now with work so i am looking to trade for somthing i dont have to do so much to or eaven a old classic car thats been out of service what ever you have give me a call.i wont trade for dressers and clothes either please only trades that are worth whil”



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