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Sgt. Richard A. Penry, Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial Military Museum

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Located in Petaluma, California, The Richard Penry Medal of Honor Memorial Military Museum appears to have two Willys.  One is well restored (though I have a question) and the Second one is part of a diorama and tipped on its side.

Here’s the first, a Slat Grille MB.  These images are from Wikipedia.  My question is … isn’t that front cross member from a GPW and not a MB? Or am I missing something?

The back of this MB:

Here’s the tipped over Willys.  I couldn’t find a better pic of this.


5 Comments on “Sgt. Richard A. Penry, Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial Military Museum

  1. frank

    there’s a really good book by D Denfeld/M Fry called “indestructible Jeep” published in 1973 by Ballantines Illus- trated History of the Violent Century (weapons book #36) In it they have a detailed history of the Jeep, even before it was a Jeep. there’s really good pic’s of the BRC,MB and GPW. One of the pic’s shows an MB and the front cross member is a round tube rather than a square channel. So I think the pic. here is a GPW; not an MB. rather a long preamble but it’s – 20 outside and a blizzard so I have time. thanks for your time

  2. Bob

    Also, there’s no such thing as a “Congressional Medal of Honor,” it’s just called the “Medal of Honor.”

  3. Lylito

    I always read the citations:

    As to the name of the medal,

    “As the award citation includes the phrase “in the name of Congress”, it is sometimes called the Congressional Medal of Honor; however, the official title is the Medal of Honor.”

    I’m not trying to start a flame war – I’m under similar conditions to frank, and I’m still absorbing his post and seeing what a copy of that book will set me back…

  4. deilers

    Aha .. well, I have removed the ‘Congressional’ as it made the title too long anyway.

    As a side night, not that it is in any way accurate, but one of my favorite movie line pickup lines was in the movie Blast from the Past starring Brendan Fraser. In the movie, the Character Adam asks a woman in a bar “I was wondering if you could help me? I, um… seem to have lost my Congressional Medal of Honor around here… somewhere.”

    Keep warm and let that Blizzard pass!

  5. frank

    i bought the book at a used bookstore for $25 (Cdn.) 20 years ago and was told it’s out of print. I hope you’re able to find one; it comes in handy to clarify some stuff….like round or flat crossmembers. Blizzard’s gone. Snow cleaning now. Wish I had a Jeep with a plow!

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