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Stainless Body Images from a Swiss Site

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I wandered across this swiss website today (.ch — though the seller is in Mulheim, Germany).  Apparently, it is a reseller of stainless steal bodies.  The site has a variety of images, which I suspect were taken in the Phillipines.  It looks like these bodies are built in someone’s backyard.  Anyway, I thought the pics were interesting, so here they are.  For 3500 Euros, you can get a complete setup for your Jeep.


8 Comments on “Stainless Body Images from a Swiss Site

  1. Bill

    Interesting fuel filler location.. Also look to be brushed stainelss except a polished band around the edges?/ Maybe to hide spot weld blemishes?

    I wouldn’t mind one if it happened to end up in my driveway..I wonder how durable the Stainless ends up being when used as a normal jeep, on and off road.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    There are a variety of guys who run the stainless bodies in the northwest. I’ve never heard any negative comments or issues with them regarding wear. The biggest complaint I’ve heard is that usually need to be tweaked a little so that you can properly attached the parts. I know Paul had to make several adjustments to his stainless body and/or parts.

  3. frank

    once you’ve cut the floor out for the shifters and such, do they sell a stainless tranny ”hump” or use an old one? looks like a couple of different styles to; with and without the raised centre section. is it just me or does the floor look too flat where your feet go?

  4. Paul

    These stainless bodies look very nice but they need many hundreds of hours of work before they’ll be ready for use. Besides cutting and fabricating the transmission area and cover the body mounts will have to be fabricated/adjusted to match the frame. Notice there’s no holes for instruments, steering column, pedals, etc? Add up many hours more for this task and then comes the windshield frame fitting. Folks, these are hand made bodies and NOTHING will fit without lots of adjusting and modification. That means lots of time and money will be spent. I’m not trying to talk anyone out of a stainless body but be aware of the work involved to make this idea a reality. Feel free to contact me for additional information if you’re still interested.

  5. Paul

    Along with purchasing a stainless body I also built a stainless top, doors and modified the interior for more room. I’m still not finished but I’ve managed to spend well over three thousand hours on this project (counting mistakes and do overs) and lots of dollars along the way. Even the price of stainless sheet has gone up dramatically over the years but the most surprising thing is the dollars I’ve spent on bandaids along the way. Working with stainless steel is like sticking your hand into a bucket of double edged razor blades, you’re bleeding before you realize you’ve been cut.

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