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Builds: Jeremy Finds a New Project

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Jeremy discovered just the project he was hoping to find.  Congrats!  You can see he has already recruited an enthusiastic assistant!

Jeremy writes, I “Found this on – was listed as a 1942 GPW.  Sent my wife down yesterday and got it today.  Turns out to be a 1943, but the frame and engine match – I am really happy with this jeep.  Lots of original parts and the owner James was super nice.  James was insistant that he sell the jeep as a whole unit to someone who will restore it rather than part it out.  I guess he just had to wait for the right buyer.  Looking forward to a long restoration.”


7 Comments on “Builds: Jeremy Finds a New Project

  1. Bill

    Good to see a young fan getting involved…Just curious which listing this jeep was purchased from.. Looks like a great project.

  2. Bob OB

    Jeremy,Congratulations on cleaning up the garage….oh ya, and the GPW purchase too! That little girl is gonna be lots of help,and her puppy as well. F-in-L.

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