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4 Willys at Barret-Jackson Scottsdale 2011 Auctions

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UPDATE: Colin reports the Surrey sold for $23,000 plus a $2300 buyer’s premium (see comments).  Thanks for the followup!

Laurie pointed out some Willys at the Barret-Jackson website.

1960 DJ-3A Surrey Scottsdale 2011 Auction

1945 MB Scottsdale 2011 Auction

1946 CJ-2A Scottsdale 2011 Auction

1953 M-38A1 Scottsdale 2011 Auction


9 Comments on “4 Willys at Barret-Jackson Scottsdale 2011 Auctions

  1. missuson

    OK nice surrey but few things to point out with regards to description….”original fully restored Willys Surrey. Finished in blue and white with correct fringe Surrey top. One of the finest examples of this rare car.”

    The front fenders should have white paint underneath, Complete valance frame & rear valance panel missing, hubcaps incorrect, No trim rings used, WS wiper upside down and should be black, all seat covers missing a few stripes in back, fringe misssing up front top, Horn?? doesnt look anything like original, Vac line to WS wiper installed incorrectly, Fringe…according to 1962 & 1965 Parts manuals in group 31-12A it shows fringe being Cerulean blue. there is NO listing for white fringe for any color surrey?? not sure where or when the change was made if at all, the PLs shows either Blue/Pink/Green fringe for top & valance panels. This may have been changed, but no documentation to any change known. Eng color wrong, spare tire cover incorrect on fabric over tread, WS clamp should be stock unpainted/uncromed. Original rear view mirror was black in color. Floor pan cover plates (master cyl, Trans, ect) were black originally, lots of guys paint covers body color but they were black to start with. Cant tell for sure but rear seat does not look like an original DJ seat? might be just cant see it well enough. Did I miss anything?? Again really nice jeep, Just pointing out few mistakes in this original restoration.

  2. deilers


    I always appreciate it when you analyze those details. I just haven’t looked at enough Surreys to have learned as much as you. Thanks!

    – Dave

  3. missuson

    I am sure anxious to see what this one sells for. What percentage does BJ get for selling your vehicle? This one doesnt have the glitter history or glittery owner does it? Such as Alan Jackson, Cindi McCain, Red Skelton. The high dollars one have had the celeb owners to help make those reach greatness. maybe this one will break the mold, lets hope so.

  4. missuson

    Couple things I jotted down but forgot to add…..carb is incorrect, It looks like the Holley model 1920 single barrell, air breather looks to be incorrect. top of it is not original. not sure about base, missing PCV tube from side valve cover to manifold. Service bulletin 508 covered the upgrade of the PCV system, it was dated feb 1961 so maybe this jeep never had that upgrade.

  5. Colin Peabody

    Hi Dave and Bruce-

    Bruce, as usual, your comments are right on target. I hope to be at the B-J auction on Monday and will try to take more photos of this Surrey. I broke my digital camera this last week, so will have to rely on an old film job to get pictures. I took several last year at Russo & Steele where it sold for $20,500. I noticed quite a few things that weren’t correct at that time, one of which was a reproduction serial number plate that appears to be a replica of the mid 1940s Willys serial number plates, not at all like the ones on most of the DJ3As and Surreys that I have seen. As I have become fmore familiar with what should be on Surreys (Thanks to you, Bruce!) I can spot more non- original or incorrect items on them. I have found several things on our Surrey that are incorrect and will eventually get them corrected. Right now, I have it partially disassembled to replace the rear crossmember, removing the CJ drawbar hitch that was on it and getting the gas tank boiled out. The rear crossmember is a total mess, but I have a new repop unit to go back in it, not totally correct but only missing a couple of holes that I can tend too easily.


  6. Colin Peabody

    The Surrey sold for $23,000 plus $2,300 in buyer’s premium. All the prices for this afternoon’s auction vehicle were low, good for the buyers but not good for the sellers. Whoever bought it bought it for a decent price.

  7. frank

    yellow 2a may also be an early version due to tool indents and what appears to be a full floating rear diffy. only the serial number knows for sure [ if it’s original]

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