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Oldies but Goodies – Desert Dog Tires

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The main reason for my trip to Seattle this weekend was to pick up a set of Forumla Desert Dog tires from Mitch with some good tread still left that I can use as offroad tires.  I have four more hurricane rims just aching for these tires, so I can’t wait to get them mounted.  This should really make Biscuit ready for summertime explorations.  Thanks Mitch!


4 Comments on “Oldies but Goodies – Desert Dog Tires

  1. deilers

    Some old hurricane rims I have. They look just like my current rims, only they have some black accents. I’ve been thinking about removing the black, however I don’t want to use any money on that task just yet. I’ll see what they look like it black first.

    I hope to get them mounted with tubes today. If so, I’ll take pics 🙂

  2. deilers

    ty ty .. it’s resting at my parents place for now. I couldn’t fit all five with the other stuff I was carrying in the front seat (and didn’t have a rim for the fifth quite yet), so I figured I’d get it on my next trip. I may be up as soon as mid feb as mom might be inducted into a hall of fame, so we are awaiting that news.

    Thanks again!

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