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1946 CJ-2A Arizona **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $35,750.

Bill spotted this …  as he suggested, sit down …. the auction estimate was $12,000 – $17,000 which in itself is an inflated price in my opinion.  However, this past weekend this franken jeep sold for $35,750.

“63 hp, 134.2 cu. in. flathead four-cylinder engine, Carter carburetor, three-speed manual gearbox with low-range, four-wheel drive with live axles front and rear with semi-elliptic leaf springs, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 80″

– From the Bill Jacobs Collection
– Only 578 miles since total nut-and-bolt restoration
– Original Forest Service Jeep with shovel and axe included
– 4WD with low range, trailer hitch, full gauge package

The 1946 Jeep offered here is beautifully finished in white. It was reportedly the property of the US Forest Service and carries the appropriate axe and shovel. It was the subject of an extremely detailed two-year restoration in 2001 by Jim Neirynck of Macomb Township, Michigan.”


19 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Arizona **SOLD**

  1. Bob OB

    The value is not so much in the jeep as it is in finding a incredibly rare yellow shovel from the Forest Service.Honestly,the jeep came out looking very well,just can’t justify the purchase price.

  2. Mike Myers

    not to mention it was restored with an M-38 tub, and given the 3 data plates next to the glove box, suggest it might have been an original early column shift…..

    i love to see this kind of thing, it just instills happiness within myself about my restoration of 45 CJ2A #10163 🙂 from a monetary perspective anyway 🙂


  3. Bill

    I agree…. I think the “cartoony” color scheme and strapped on shovels may have attracted the drunken bidders to it.

    I think it’s an M-38, not a 2A. Key and e-brake is on the left, gauges are on that panel, tool indents passenger side, etc…..


  4. Gerald

    That’s not even an original body……. Wow

    He had the yellow paint going though.

    Marketing and the Barrett Jackson “lifestyle” made it happen.

    I agree the finished package looks good but not that good.

  5. deilers

    The body could possible be a repo body rather than a true M-38 body … I can’t see if the battery box is there or not.

    My opinion is that, whether purposefully or not, this was a deceptive sale. Well, either that or perhaps it was a way to launder money OR someone acted in a way to bid the price up artificially because a $35k auction price would have required at least 2 people clueless enough to push the price that high — it doesn’t make any sense to me.

  6. Paul

    If I understand correctly all I need to do is to install a stainless steel shovel and ax on my Willys project and that will triple the value???? Geeze, I gotta quit typing and get out in the garage … time’s a wasting!

  7. J.R. Welsh

    Yep I agree………….!! It’s a repop tub. Battery box lid should be visable in the second picture. If the looser is interested, I’ve got a 3A I’ll let him have for half the price. Of course it’s not a restored forrest service jeep though. 🙂

  8. Paul

    A fool and his money are soon parted … what I want to know is how does a fool get that kind of money? Attention fools, my Willys is for sale. A dufflebag of fifties will do nicely, thankyou.

  9. deilers

    I’ll make it more convenient, a half a duffel of hundreds. I will include a forest service shovel, axe and collapsable bucket!

  10. Bill

    I’m with Dave, something must be fishy with this sale. These AZ auctions are known for tons of crazy stuff going on.

    A few months ago, Dave posted a pic of a real nice orange-red ’60 CJ-3B from a seller (a dealer) also in AZ. He was asking $10,900 if I remember correctly. A simple internet search revealed an old ad for $8500 for the exact same vehicle. Then I found it went thru B-J’s first auction in Orange County, CA. I called the guy and played the game for a while…. eventually I dropped the info that I saw the Jeep advertised for LESS a few months ago. His response: “I had to raise the price because I took it to the B-J auction and had to buy it (and 2 other vehicles) back from myself because the selling price (no reserve) was too low”. I told him he was a F-ing idiot for telling me that, and I no longer had interest in buying his Jeep. He sold it to someone else in FL.

    The next time I speak to the CEO of B-J…. I will tell him my experience and let him know that this is just one more reason that his auctions have a bad reputation. Knowing C.J., he will shrug it off and say it doesn’t happen at HIS auctions. Too bad for him, it can be proven. The dealership had it advertised before and after the vehicle went thru the auction…. gotta love permanent electronic records.

    My advice: spend your money on eWillys or Craigslist …. you won’t have a 10% buyer’s premium


  11. Dennis

    Is that a carburetor “spring”? Wow, I need to visit Ace Hardware’s storm/screen door department. Obviously a shade tree back yard mechanic who is giving all of us a bad name!

  12. Steve S

    Franken Jeep sums it up best. There are more diverse “body” parts on that thing than on the original fire-fearing monster that Mary Shelley wrote about in 1818.

  13. Bob

    That’s funny, I noticed the hood thing right away. A little shimming would do it some good. I guess if I ever sell my 3b, (like when I’m dead) I’ll take it out west and pawn it off as a military jeep!

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